Environmental Policy


Cotteswold Dairy is committed to conducting business in a manner that reduces its impact on the environment, customers, employees and communities.  We have implemented a series of initiatives to ensure these objectives are delivered:


  • All of our product containers are widely recyclable


  • We source our milk from local farmers.  This both minimises food miles and plays a vital part in maintaining dairy farming as a key part of local communities


  • All of our farmers are signed up to the Red Tractor farm assurance scheme


  • Wherever possible we buy additional products and services from local businesses, thus reducing the environmental impact of our business and helping to support local employment


  • We remain committed to produce milk in glass bottles, which can be reused multiple times before being recycled


  • We have reduced amount of plastic we use in our 1L range by 13% in the past year


  • 30% of our doorstep vehicles run on electric


  • Since 2008 our usage per litre of milk produced has reduced by 34% on Electricity, 12% on Water and 8% on Gas


  • Cotteswold Dairy plays an active role supporting local charities and community projects by providing facilities free of charge


  • We also work in partnership with local charities such as Cheltenham Community Projects by supplying any short dated stock for use in the local communities


  • In 2014 we raised over £15,000 for National Star College


  • In the coming years Cotteswold Dairy are committed to exploring other initiatives and opportunities to further reduce our environmental impact. First on that agenda is a target to ensure our production facility is a zero to landfill site by the end of 2017.



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