Cotteswold Dairy announce moo-vellous partnership with Send a Cow


As part of our charity giving for 2017, we teamed up with the charity, Send a Cow, to help poor farming families in Africa.



The Bath charity, which provides training, tools, seeds and livestock to communities in seven African countries. The charity enables families to produce their own food so they can feed themselves and lift themselves out of poverty permanently.


Roseanne McEwan, Brand Development Manager at the Dairy explains: ‘‘We are all guilty of taking things for granted in the developed world, such as opening the fridge and finding a fresh pint of milk. Many of us treat milk as a commodity and over recent years there has been an excess of it in the UK. However, there are many regions in the world where milk is hard to come by or is unaffordable for most people.”




"At the dairy, we are not only passionate about working alongside our local farming community but we are also passionate about ensuring people know about the nutritional benefits of milk. In the developing world, milk can form an essential part of the diet to help keep them healthy and strong. This charity is therefore close to our heart and we are delighted to be able to support them.’’


Katie Kabuiso from Uganda has seen first-hand what a difference a cow can make. Once one of the poorest people in her community, she and her family struggled to eat more than a meal a day. Katie and her family were selected to work with Send a Cow and began learning how to farm their land. After receiving training in animal husbandry, they received a dairy cow of their own which they named Kisakye.


Like most well-cared for dairy cows, Kisakye produces over 3,000 litres of milk a year.  As well as having milk to drink, Katie’s family have been able to sell the surplus at the local market. Milk sales have enabled her parents to pay her school fees, install solar power, buy a radio and build a new kitchen. Katie has just finished secondary school and has dreams of attending Fashion College – something which may now be possible thanks to Kisakye. ‘‘Our cow is a miracle worker….We love her!’’ she said.


If you’d like to donate to Send a Cow then please visit and follow Cotteswold Dairy on social media.


For more information about Send a Cow please contact:


Azita Shamsolahi, Communications Manager




Tel: 01225 871915